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  1. (c) Except for an election under Subsection (a) or Section or a runoff election following an election held under Subsection (a)(2), an election may not be held within 30 days before or after the date of the general election for state and county officers, general primary election, or runoff primary election.
  2. Natural Language Interactive Voice Response System (NL/IVR) Customers are able to respond to the NL/IVR in their own words, rather than having to reply with specific words or phrases.
  3. Tooling specifications and manuals are found by selecting the products below. Crimp Height Specifications are then contained in the Application Tooling Specification document.
  4. CD-ROM - 1 Revision 0 December METHOD SAMPLING FOR SELECTED ALDEHYDE AND KETONE EMISSIONS FROM STATIONARY SOURCES SCOPE AND APPLICATION This metho d is applicable to the determination of Destruction and Removal Efficienc y (DRE) of the analytes listed in the following table: Analyte CAS No.a.
  5. Taco BF4-J Circulating Pump Cast Iron with a Bronze Cartridge for tougher applications and a longer life then the standard F4. out of 5 stars 13 $ $
  6. Agency filings affecting this section PDFWAC DSHS sends you a denial letter when you can't get benefits. (1) When we finish processing your application, we send you a denial letter if you cannot get benefits.

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