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  1. Other articles where Output is discussed: automation: Feedback controls: set point, for the system output. This represents the desired operating value of the output. Using the previous example of the heating system as an illustration, the input is the desired temperature setting for a room. The process being controlled is the heater (e.g., furnace). In other feedback systems, the.
  2. Output definition, the act of turning out; production: the factory's output of cars; artistic output. See more.
  3. output definition: Output is defined as the act of producing something, the amount of something that is produced or the process in which something is delivered. (noun) An example of output is the electricity produced by a power plant. An example of.
  4. output definition: 1. an amount of something produced by a person, machine, factory, country, etc.: 2. an amount of. Learn more.
  5. Synonyms for output at bomtolaworkcalhaynpowupvetasoundblac.xyzinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for output.
  6. Define output. output synonyms, output pronunciation, output translation, English dictionary definition of output. n. 1. a. An amount produced or manufactured during a certain time. b. The energy, power, or work produced by a system. c. Computers The information produced.
  7. The optional Outputs section declares output values that you can import into other stacks (to create cross-stack references), return in response (to describe stack calls), or view on the AWS CloudFormation bomtolaworkcalhaynpowupvetasoundblac.xyzinfo example, you can output the S3 bucket name for a stack to make the bucket easier to find.
  8. Nov 16,  · An output device works by receiving a signal from the computer and using that signal to perform a task to display the output. For example, below is a basic list of steps of how an output device works. On a computer keyboard (input device), if you type "H", it sends.

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